Rivendale Olives

Gourmet Olives

Our Philosophy

Rivendale Estate Olives is a gourmet olives producer located in the beautiful Upper River area of Kangaroo Valley, adjacent to the award winning winery of Yawarra Estate.  Here we produce some of the highest quality olives grown in the region, with a commitment to “quality all the way from tree to table”.

Artisan Products

Our select range of individually handcrafted gourmet olive products continues to be inspired by the regional cuisines and tastes of Italy.

  • EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILSHandcrafted oils made using single varietal, estate grown olives in the traditional Tuscan and genuine ‘Agrumato’ styles. All are unfiltered with no biochemical fancywork whatsoever, resulting in highly flavoursome oils.
  • MARINATED TABLE OLIVESHandpicked at peak ripeness, our ‘extra quality’ Kalamata olives are carefully prepared using only natural methods, based on traditional recipes and using only the very best ingredients. No chemicals are used at any stage in the process.
  • GOURMET OLIVE TAPENADESSkilfully prepared using ‘select quality’ local Kalamata olives, our gourmet tapenades offer the perfect integration of flavours and textures in a range of variations. Fantastic as hors d’oeuvre or as part of your favourite recipe.
  • NATURAL CASTILE SOAPSCompletely natural and gentle handmade soaps prepared with a minimum 72% olive oil base and a selection of essential oils or essences. These soaps are guaranteed not to contain animal fats or harsh chemicals, which is good news for your skin.

Rivendale Retreat

A range of these gourmet olive products is often provided to our guests staying at Rivendale Retreat, but this is entirely dependent upon seasonally availability.

Rivendale Estate Olives specialises in a the production of a range of artisan olive products – with a commitment to quality all the way from tree to table.